Enterprise Design Libraries

Haivng a design library is a crutial part to creating consistent content across an organization. Creating a library is a huge undertaking but when done correctly, you will have a powerful tool for your designers. It will be garanteed that it is ADA compliant, be backed by user testing and will increase productivity.

  • RealPage
  • Property Management
  • UI Design, Research, Development
The Process

The library was created by 5 designers on my team. Each designer was assigned a few component per sprint to design and spec out. We would work together to make sure it was ADA complient, consistent with the rest of the library and solved business needs. Once it was approved by the design team, I would present it to the development team to get their feedback and talk through the functionality. Once it was developed, QA sessions would be completed to insure the library was coming to life corrently and functioned the way we imagined.

Components & Patterns

Components are the bones of the library but the patterns are the entire body. Creating pages has never been easier with the library due to having all the basic components a designer would need. The way the designer is able to do it quicker is to have pre-determined patterns that will go across all products. The goal was to have the designer realize what kind of page they need to make, pull in a patterened page and edit it based off the business needs.

Business & Consumer Compliant

The library was designed to work for both a B2B and B2C products. The business centered library was created first because most of the applications at RealPage are B2B but we made sure to create how it would translate to a consumer look and feel. The library is able to be altered to have a softer design look and it is also color customizable.